Severance Review Attorney in Las Vegas

Learning that you have just lost your job can bring on a lot of stress! Sometimes, you may be offered a severance package by your employer. You may even be tempted to take the first offer, just to make sure you feel secure enough while you search for a new job. Another alternative is that you are offered no severance package, even though your signed contract of employment or employee handbook indicates that you will have one. Either way, you will want to contact a Severance Review Attorney before confronting management.

At Gabroy | Messer, our fine team of attorneys advocates for employees in the Las Vegas area. We will be happy to completely review any severance offer that your employer may have tendered. Our Severance Review Attorneys will make certain that the severance package contains everything you are entitled to receive. We will work to protect your rights to receive a severance package if your employer is not cooperating to provide one. Call today to learn how we can best help you get the severance package you deserve.

Get a Review Of Your Severance Offer by a Severance Review Attorney

There are several factors to consider when evaluating a severance offer. In addition to the amount of money being offered, other clauses that may affect your future include any non-compete agreements or nondisclosure clauses. These should be evaluated to make sure that they are fair and not too restrictive.

Oftentimes, a severance agreement may contain verbiage stating that you will waive your right to file legal proceedings against the employer after you are terminated. This should be carefully taken into consideration. If there are any suspicious circumstances regarding your termination, this provision could prevent you from being able to be compensated for your damages. It may be best to file a lawsuit rather than to accept their severance offer. A Severance Review Attorney will be able to advise you of the best course of action concerning your unique circumstance.

Preserving Your Rights to a Severance Package

It may be shocking to you if you are not offered a severance package when you are terminated. You may have even been promised one or it was part of your employment agreement. Hiring an aggressive severance review attorney is the best method to getting the severance package you are owed. It is also important to make sure that the severance package you are offered is sufficient and meets the requirements as set forth in your agreement. Have a severance review attorney do the negotiating with your employer to get you the complete amount of severance pay you are owed. You will need this income to get you through the time period of searching for a new position. Make sure that you are prepared by contacting our office right away.

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