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Losing your job can be a distressing time in your life. The results can bring financial hardships along with many emotional feelings. GABROY LAW OFFICES has Wrongful Termination Attorneys with substantial experience in the field of labor law and can help employees who find themselves having been Wrongfully Terminated or who have been the object of retaliation. If you believe that you have been the victim of wrongful termination, or were fired for any other unlawful reason, you may have a valid case against the company who fired you.

It’s quite possible that you may be eligible for a Wrongful Termination Attorney’s representation if you feel that you’ve lost your job unjustly. Employers are bound to laws that protect people in certain categories. You may be a victim of wrongful termination if you fall into a protected class of citizens, and you have lost your job. It’s an occurrence that happens thousands of times each year. Many of the cases don’t go all the way to court. Nonetheless, there is some recourse for you. The following is a little bit of information about wrongful termination. You can decide if it applies to you when you’re done reading.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is the letting go or firing of an employee that directly goes against the laws that have been put forth to protect certain citizens. An employer can fire an employee for misconduct, absenteeism, poor performance and a slew of other reasons. However, they cannot terminate an employee for his or her religious preferences, race, age, gender or any other protected condition or characteristic. If you feel that your termination has to do with something that is on the list of protected attributes, you need to speak to a Wrongful Termination Attorney and let them know about your particular situation.

Below is a non-exclusive list of illegal reasons that some employers use in terminating an employee:

  • Terminating employment due to a discrimination reason or motive.
  • Terminating employment that violates any written or oral contract.
  • Terminating employment due to the employee being a whistleblower or reporting an unlawful act or illegal actions of the employer.
  • Terminating employment due to an employee having opposed an unlawful hiring practice, including discrimination.
  • Terminating employment because the employee filed a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Terminating employment because the employee filed a complaint internally to the company against other employees or their supervisor.
  • Terminating employment because the employee requested some Family and Medical Leave Act time off.
  • Terminating employment because the employee questioned the compensation plan or the employer’s compensatory practices.

How Can a Wrongful Termination Attorney Help?

An experienced Wrongful Termination Attorney can help you in more ways than you probably realize. First, this person can act as a listener and as a supportive person during a difficult time. An attorney can examine the events that happened surrounding your separation and then decide whether wrongful termination can be proven. You will need an experienced person because it’s sometimes difficult to prove that employers terminate people for unlawful reasons. A seasoned lawyer can get to the bottom of the ordeal. This person will do everything for you. He or she will conduct interviews and ask the questions, file the paperwork, negotiate with the other party and so on. You’ll be able to relax and not have to deal with much stress.

Many of these cases don’t go to court because the attorneys negotiate an attractive settlement. Your lawyer can communicate with the other party and try to settle before the case goes all the way to court. Your dealings can end quickly if the settlement amount is satisfactory, and the other party is willing to pay immediately. You can then get back to enjoying your life.

How to Get the Right Wrongful Termination Attorney

Hiring the right law firm is probably the most important factor. You will need to look for a lawyer that has experience in the field of employment law. If this person has experience in personal injury also, that’s a huge plus. You mustn’t forget to seek the element of compassion and empathy when you look for an attorney for your case. An attorney that can put himself or herself in your shoes is likely to fight hard for you. That’s the kind of person that you want on your case, a persistent attorney who will not stop until you see justice. Many victims of wrongful termination get rewarded cash. Some of them get their jobs back if they want them. Your lawyer will help you determine what is the best resolution to ask the judge to order.

Schedule Your Consultation with a Wrongful Termination Attorney Right Away

Gabroy Law Offices has a powerful team of employment lawyers who are experts in wrongful termination who can help you get back what you’ve lost. The Firm does most of their work in the employee field of labor law. They have been successful in helping many former employees to win wrongful termination lawsuits. Many clients have left five-star reviews about their abilities. You can see for yourself by visiting for a consultation. It will give you the opportunity to meet the attorney and talk about your case in more detail. You can arrange great representation and have the hope of getting compensation shortly.

GABROY LAW OFFICES has substantial experience representing employees who have been retaliated against and/or wrongfully terminated. If you have been recently terminated and believe your termination was for an unlawful reason and/or retaliatory, you should contact GABROY LAW OFFICES at 702-259-7777 to discuss your legal rights. GABROY LAW OFFICES has the needed experience to handle these sensitive in nature retaliation and wrongful termination cases.

GABROY LAW OFFICES is dedicated to Protecting your Employee Rights and Fighting for you.

Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney

Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney

Get Qualified Legal Representation for Wrongful Termination

Although Nevada employers do have some discretion when firing employees, they can still be considered guilty of wrongful termination if they don’t follow the law. Employers cannot fire employees for illegal reasons even if they are in an at-will jurisdiction. These statutes protect your rights, but it is essential that you seek legal assistance when you file a claim. For this, you’ll want to find the best Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney.

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