Nevada Sexual Harassment

Nevada Sexual harassment might occur whenever men and women spend time together. This is particularly true when coworkers spend many hours in the workplace together. There are many types of sexual harassment. The harasser and victim can be either of one sex or both of the same sex. This type of harassment is considered a type of sexual discrimination that is prohibited by Title VII of both the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964 and Nevada state law. These laws give victims of sexual harassment the right to sue their employers for legal relief.

Sexual harassment cases are often complicated because harassers rarely admit to their behavior, and employers will often vigorously defend themselves against such allegations in order to protect their reputations. Victims should seek the assistance of a skilled Nevada sexual harassment attorney soon after harassment has occurred. For more information, please call Gabroy | Messer Employment Attorneys Las Vegas.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Two types of Nevada sexual harassment are defined by law. One is “quid pro quo” harassment. Quid pro quo harassment is when a supervisor, or other authority figure at work, requests sexual favors from an employee and sets the terms of employment to be conditional on the employee agreeing to the sexual activity. These are some examples:

  • Managers promise to promote or hire a person who engages in sexual activity.
  • An executive or supervisor threatens that they will fire an employee if they refuse a date or a sexual encounter.
  • A supervisor insinuates that the job is contingent upon sexual favors.

Your employer should be held responsible if you are the victim of Nevada sexual harassment in a quid pro quo arrangement. This includes any emotional harm suffered by you, lost wages if your job was terminated, and any other losses you sustained.

Hostile Work Environment

Nevada Sexual harassment can also be caused by offensive behavior that creates a hostile working environment. Although a single sexual joke or comment might not be considered harassment, a pattern of conduct that is persistent or offensive enough will lead to a hostile work environment. You have the right to sue your employer if they fail to correct the situation promptly.

For Help, Contact A Las Vegas Sexual Harassment Attorney

Gabroy | Messer Employment Attorneys in Las Vegas has seen firsthand the financial, emotional, and physical damage that sexual harassment can cause to employees. Sexual harassment can have long-lasting effects and your employer should be held responsible for any damage done. All information is kept confidential by us and we will protect your legal rights as well as your reputation. We will help you navigate the legal process, and protect your rights. Contact us today to discuss your claim.

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