It is getting more and more obvious that the social mores regarding Sexual Harassment are changing. News articles of the Harvey Weinstein incident and subsequent scandals only further push this into the public’s eye. But people are still deciding how to react to it, and it is common knowledge among attorneys that danger is present when the people are uncertain.

The rules regarding sexual harassment have not recently changed. Christian Gabroy has been litigating sexual harassment cases for many years now and is well versed in the law regarding this subject. In fact, Christian was quoted as saying “many harassers believed that they were above the rules and used multiple threats to hide their behavior, including threatening job security” in a recent article in the Vegas Legal Magazine regarding this subject. He further went on to say “Employees should be aware that it is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee for complaining about harassment internally, within the company, or externally with a state or federal agency.”

“In my business, I am ensuring that all employees are aware of their rights and protections under the law,” says Gabroy. “Too often, we see employees come to our office who have been taken advantage of and/or fear retribution, by their employers. I know the contours of the law, and my objective is to ensure that all employees in Nevada can maintain a safe and hostile free work environment.”

Christian Gabroy recommends that employers make certain that they have current written policies regarding sexual impropriety and make sure that employees can easily access them. They also need to have the procedures set up in advance so that they can react quickly when a problem is discovered. Gabroy also stated, “I also advise fair, prompt investigations with appropriate corrective measures.”

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