Christian Gabroy, from Gabroy | Messer, speaks out in the news on the issue of the Boulder Station Casino’s ongoing battle with the Culinary and Bartenders Unions.  The Culinary Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165 began representation of over 570 workers in 2016 when most of the workers voted to join the unions to gain union representation and bargaining power.

Unfortunately, a contract was never signed in all this time and the employees are getting frustrated with the lack of progress, enough to file a petition to leave the representation of the unions. They feel that both the Hotels and Unions are bound and determined to win and they are not willing to budge enough to get a contract that is acceptable to both sides.

A contract would have allowed the employees access to the union’s coveted health care plan as well as to have other desired changes. Many employees feel like they have waited long enough and they are not willing to be a part of the unions any longer. So in August, a majority of the union workers from the Boulder Casino signed a petition to request that they no longer be represented by the unions. The necessary signatures were gathered within 5-6 weeks.

Without the union between them and the casino’s management, the employees would again have the open-door policy that would allow them to talk with the management team on their own.

The efforts to finalize a contract hasn’t gotten very far along. Both sides have resisted the necessary compromise that would allow a contract to be ratified. Some employees believe that the consequences of not bargaining are too lax to have any effect. The National Labor Relations Board does not fine companies very often. More times than not, the company is only required to acknowledge that they violated federal labor laws by posting a notice about it. Many of the employees do not believe that is sufficient punishment to cause any change. Christian says, “Companies he has worked with take these rulings seriously.” 

It is not only the non-ability to reach an agreement and ratify a contract that has caused frustration with the unions. Christian noted that “furloughs, layoffs, and other turmoil caused by the pandemic has led to employees across the Las Vegas Valley growing frustrated with the union.” Many of the workers have said that the “the union hasn’t done anything for me” However, the pandemic is largely responsible for the layoffs, not the unions.

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