A Car Accident Lawyer LV Can Help Determine Liability For Car Accidents

When you speak to your car accident lawyer LV after you have been involved in a car accident, they will work with you to determine who is responsible. There are many factors that will determine the liability for car accidents. These factors can include weather conditions, traffic violations, and whether the accident was caused by any special circumstances.

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Several states follow the principle of comparative negligence. In this case, both parties could be partially responsible for an accident. A judge will assign each party a percentage. Then, the drivers would be held responsible for their portion of the damages. These cases can be handled by a car accident lawyer. Even if you were the cause of the accident, a car accident lawyer LV can help you limit your liability and reduce the amount you have to pay.

What Is The Liability For A Car Accident?

Drivers are rarely willing to accept responsibility for an accident in their car. Gabroy | Messer can help you get the cash settlement that you deserve.

No matter where they live, a driver can be held responsible for an accident that results in a car crash. They could face civil and criminal penalties depending on the circumstances. Civil penalties can be applied to drivers who are negligent in causing an accident. Nevada follows the contributory negligence doctrine. This means that you can get compensation for your injuries as long as you’re not more than 51% responsible.

Both Criminal And Civil Penalties

Civil penalties can be imposed for car accidents in many instances. You could face civil penalties for things like failing to see behind you, reaching out for something or not slowing down in time. If you break traffic laws and cause an accident, you could face criminal charges. These criminal charges carry severe penalties. You could face serious consequences if your accident causes someone to die. In this case, involuntary manslaughter could be what you are charged with.

You may be subject to civil litigation as well as criminal charges. A civil suit can be filed by the victim of a vehicle accident. The victim’s family can file a civil suit for wrongful death if their family member is the victim in a car accident. It is important to locate the top injury lawyers in Las Vegas, NV if you are affected by this. They may not be able to eliminate all penalties, but they can reduce them.

What Are The Damages Can A Car Accident Lawyer LV Help Me Claim After A Car Accident?

A Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help you get the best possible compensation. But you may be wondering what damages you are entitled to. A car accident lawyer LV can help you determine the best way to file your claim and will also inform you about the types of damages that are available to you.

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Economic Damages

These damages include medical bills, car repairs costs, lost wages, and any other cost that can directly be accounted for. You will usually receive a bill or other documentation as part of your economic damages. This allows you to show the direct financial consequences of your accident. Keep all documentation in order to have the most evidence to support your claim.

Non-Economic Losses

This kind of damage can be caused by permanent disabilities, paralysis, PTSD, and physical pain & suffering. This type of damage will not likely be documented, so it is more subjective. Las Vegas car accident lawyers can help you argue your case to maximize your chances of obtaining maximum cash settlement for your non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages

NRS 42.005 allows victims to be compensated for punitive damages in Las Vegas. These damages are intended to punish negligent actors and to send a message for future perpetrators. For cases in which the compensatory damages (economic or non-economic), are less than $100,000, the punitive damages cap is $300,000. If the damages exceed $100,000, the limit on punitive damages is three times that amount.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer LV

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact our firm right away, before talking to the opposing attorney or insurance company representative. We can help you get the largest cash settlement possible.

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