Gabroy | Messer is one of the good car accident lawyers firms in Nevada. We will review your case free of charge and answer any questions that you might have about your auto accident. Our Las Vegas car accident lawyers are familiar with cases similar to yours. We will not stop until you receive the compensation that you deserve.

A car accident can be caused by many things. It is possible to have legal consequences depending on the circumstances. It is crucial to get help immediately if you are involved in a car crash.

What is the best time to hire a good car accident lawyer for a car accident?

A majority of people should contact a good car accident lawyer immediately. The other driver’s insurer might request a recorded statement from you about the accident. They may also offer to settle your claim quickly. Consult a car accident attorney before you make any statements or accept a settlement.

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Recorded statements you make can end up being a burden later on. A quick settlement will often offer less than what you may be entitled under Nevada state law. Our good car accident lawyers can help you evaluate your accident case. We can help determine if you have been offered a fair settlement and we can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What is a Car Accident Settlement Worth?

It is crucial to understand the potential value of your car accident claim when you first start the negotiation process. It is also important to understand the maximum amount you can get for your claim. Start by finding out the maximum amount you can recover for your car accident case.

To determine this, you need to know how much insurance is available to cover your claim. To find out how much liability coverage the at-fault driver holds, use NRS 690B.042. Nevada law requires that the at-fault driver provide proof of liability insurance to you. This is often done after they have been provided with a copy of your medical authorization and a list of your doctors.

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Your claim’s value will depend on many factors. To get a better estimate of your recovery, it is a good idea to talk to an experienced lawyer about your case. In some cases, the jury may not award enough compensation to cover the actual amount of the claim. In other cases, however, a jury may award a much greater amount than what a settlement would be worth, especially if there were any instances of egregious conduct. Having good car accident lawyers on your case can make the difference between a poor settlement and one that fully compensates you for your injuries and losses.

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Gabroy | Messer can represent you for car accident injuries as soon as possible after an automobile accident. Remember to not sign any paperwork or negotiations with anyone other than your accident attorney. You could be signing away your rights and only receive a small amount of compensation. These papers will be binding and you won’t be able to contact an accident lawyer to obtain more compensation.

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