Wrongful Termination Protection Laws

You could be entitled to compensation or some other type of restitution if you lose your job unlawfully in Las Vegas. Nevada has such a thing called wrongful termination protection laws, and those laws say that employers cannot terminate your employment because of:


Your employer may be subject to punishment if they terminate you because of a disability you have. You have federal protection against such actions. Additionally, your employer is obligated to accommodate you if you need any accommodations for your disability while you work. For example, your employer may have to change your work duties to something lighter if a back problem prevents you from lifting heavy objects.


Wrongful termination protection covers you if you lose your job because of your race or ethnicity. Employers are not allowed to fire people or refuse to hire them because of skin tone or nationality.


You will have wrongful termination protection if you lose your job because of your belief in a deity or your request to have days off because of your worship obligations. Religion is one of the main ideals that wrongful termination protection covers.


Employees over 40 years old have special protection against termination because of their age. You may have a case if you suspect that your removal from the job has something to do with the day you were born.

Getting Wrongful Termination Protection

You owe it to yourself to call an employment law attorney immediately if you believe that your employer terminated your employment unlawfully. The attorney will investigate the case and get to the bottom of what happened. If you qualify for representation, this person will take a journey with you to fight for the restitution that you deserve. You may be eligible for a monetary reward, or you may be able to request that your employer return you to your position. Either way, a seasoned attorney will help you receive what you deserve. Gabroy Law Offices is an employment law firm that has received numerous rewards for its outstanding services. You can contact the office online or by calling 702-259-7777 today to schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys. They will let you know if your case is pursuable, and they will offer you top-notch representation if it is.

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