Being fired from your job is a distressing experience. It can also be humiliating if you were fired for a reason that had nothing to do with your competence, ability, or performance. Federal and state laws make it illegal to fire someone because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. The law also protects whistleblowers from termination. If, for example, you were fired after reporting a colleague for sexual harassment, then you have a wrongful termination case to make against your employer. To do so, you should first contact wrongful termination lawyers near me. The only way to get justice after a wrongful termination is to go through legal channels, and that starts by retaining legal representation.

Getting Justice with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the first step toward justice. This can be done online. Wrongful termination lawyers near me know the documents that you will need to fill out and they can guide you through them.

After you have submitted your complaint, the EEOC will investigate it. The agency rarely gets involved in individual wrongful termination cases. However, it will send a copy of its findings to your attorney. In the report issued to you, the agency will state whether your complaint is legitimate. If it is, then you will have solid grounds for pursuing legal action against your former employer.

Once you have the backing of the EEOC, you can pursue a range of remedies for your complaint. If you want your job back and the person whose prejudice and abuse led to your termination fired or transferred, you can pursue this option. You can also ask for reinstatement and compensation for the psychological and emotional injury you have suffered. Or, you may simply want the company to pay you money for what you have gone through. You should discuss all the possibilities with your lawyer.

Wrongful termination lawyers near me will prepare for the negotiations with their own investigation into your complaint. They will determine whether a culture of abuse and discrimination exists in your former workplace by interviewing past and current employees. Statements made by such people can help maximize the settlement you get from your ex-employer. Contact our office online or by calling 702-259-7777 to schedule an initial consultation.

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