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Depending on the area in which you live, finding a job can be a difficult thing to do. Some areas have been harder than others when the recession hit, which has made those areas who haven’t fully recovered, harder for the average person to find a job. Once you’ve gotten a job, you want to keep it as long as possible. However, things happen that cause a person to be laid off, and a number of those lay off’s have been a direct result of wrongful termination. If you’ve feel that you’ve been discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated, then it’s time to do something about it. We at Gabroy | Messer want to help you if you live in Las Vegas or the Henderson area. You can speak to a lawyer by calling our office at 702-259-7777.


What can be classified as wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination doesn’t just have to be one specific thing, when in fact there are numerous ways in which a person can be wrongfully terminated. If you’ve been a victim of the work place by wrongful termination and fall under one of the following categories, you may be eligible for compensation.
Wrongful Termination can include:

  • Being terminated due to some form of discrimination (race, religion, ethnicity, etc.)
  • A written contract that states you are not capable of being fired.
  • Termination due to reporting something that was unsafe, or due to reporting an employer for treating you unfairly.
  • Termination due to filing a workman’s compensation complaint
  • Termination for reporting a co-worker who works above you, or anyone who is in a higher up position than you.
  • Termination for asking for time off for medical reasons or taking time off for medical reasons.
  • Termination due to questioning certain practices that take place in the work place for certain policies and rules.

Many of the clients that have been seen by Gabroy | Messer, have done so because they’ve fallen under one of the above mentioned categories and were Wrongfully Terminated by no fault of their own. There are numerous laws that are put in place to protect employees from being fired over situations beyond their control. As an employee you have the right to voice your feelings and thoughts when you feel something isn’t safe, you’re being treated unfairly, or you feel that you’re being discriminated against. If someone takes action against you for voicing your opinion, or taking action against someone who’s treated you unfairly in the work place, and cost you your job you can be eligible for compensation.

Gabroy | Messer fights for the rights of employees to feel that they can go to work each day without the fear of being terminated unfairly. Thousands of people have been compensated for this very reason when they file suit through Gabroy | Messer. No one should face hardship over something that is as unnecessary as wrongful termination, yet it happens time and time again. In many cases, a boss or employer can make it seem as though they’ve done nothing wrong when they’ve terminated you and can even try to intimidate you. Gabroy | Messer stands up for our clients and makes sure you have a voice and support when doing business with them.

How can I file a wrongful termination claim?

Filing a wrongful termination claim doesn’t have to be hard, and in fact we’ll help you through the entire process. You first want to call Gabroy | Messer and set an appointment to speak to someone. You can also visit our website and fill out the contact form there. It will ask you for contact information such as your name, a phone number in which you can be reached and the reason you’re in need of consultation. In doing so, someone will return your call with assistance in a timely manner. When filing a suit against someone for wrongful termination it can be extremely important to gather what paper work and documentation you have to help prove your case. Below we’ll list a few different things you want to have gathered if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated and want to file a suit.

  • If you’re filing for a wrongful termination claim due to a medical reason, then you’ll want to be sure to gather all medical documentation you can. Keep all papers from any medical professionals that are involved in your recovery. Make sure you’ve faxed the paper work and keep a copy of the fax receipt to show whom and when they were sent. Likewise, keep a copy of the paper work from any medical staff you’ve dealt with in your recovery. Documentation helps to prove that you not only received care, but that you went through the proper channels to make sure you did everything by the book. It may also be beneficial to request and keep a record of the paper work of the reason in which you were terminated.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for witnesses or present them. Anyone who may have been present during your termination or may have similar issues with the employer can be beneficial in court to show the character and practices of the business.
  • Ask for any reports that were brought against an employer if you feel you were wrongfully terminated due to retaliation of a supervisor, boss or another co-worker. In the event that someone has retaliated against you, it’s wise to have a copy of the report that was made against the co-worker or employee. Most businesses are required to keep copies documenting any time an employee is written up or had to be spoken to about improper conduct in the work place.

There are many ways in which you can help a lawyer to stand a better chance at representing you and helping you to win your case. A lawyer at Gabroy | Messer will be able to better instruct you on how to prepare for your wrongful termination case. So if you feel you’ve become a victim of wrongful termination, call our office today at 702-259-7777!

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