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If you were recently terminated from your job and you believe that your termination was unjust or illegal, contact the Wrongful Termination Attorneys Las Vegas at Gabroy Law Offices right away. You could have a valid wrongful termination case. It is not uncommon for Las Vegas employers to wrongfully terminate an employee for whistleblowing about illegal practices of the employer or for unsafe working conditions, for reasons of discrimination, or when they report instances of sexual harassment. Going for a wrongful termination lawsuit doesn’t need to be intimidating if you have the correct lawyer representing you. Come to us for extraordinary legal support.

How Can You know when You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Like many other states, Nevada has what is referred to as “At-Will” employment. What this means is that both the employee or the employer has the right to stop working together whenever they choose. There is no need to even give a reason for the termination. These laws can make proving a wrongful termination more difficult than in other states. However, there are limitations to acceptable reasons for terminating an employee. It is definitely illegal for an employer to fire an employee for any of the following reasons:

  • The termination violates any state or federal law.
  • It is a breach of an existing contract for employment.
  • The termination has a basis of discrimination against the employee for and of the following reasons:
    • The age of the employee,
    • The employee’s race,
    • Sex of the employee,
    • His or Her choice of religion,
    • Their gender,
    • A physical disability.
  • An employee is in a protected class.
  • Because of retaliation for a practice that is protected by law.

There are documents that can be used as implied contracts such as an employee handbook. The contents may include language that makes the employment an exception to the at will laws. For instance, the handbook may describe how a job termination is to proceed or talk about job security. This language can be used in court in a lawsuit by Wrongful Termination Attorneys Las Vegas to show that there were agreements that were not honored in a termination. Even something said to the employee orally can be used as evidence against wrongful termination.

When You Need An Attorney

Being represented by Wrongful Termination Attorneys Las Vegas can greatly improve your chances of receiving compensation for being wrongfully terminated. Your attorney is experienced in communicating with large businesses and corporations. They have the experience to know how to proceed in the most effective manner in order to get you the justice you deserve. Your attorney can also take the claim to court if the employer refuses to negotiate. The Wrongful Termination Attorneys Las Vegas at Gabroy Law Offices are determined and dedicated to helping you protect your rights and to help you feel confident through the whole process.

You will want to contact us right away, before any further damage is done, if when you were wrongfully terminated if you suffered any of the following:

  • you lost the ability to provide for your family,
  • your professional reputation was lost or,
  • your personal good name suffered.

You may be able to be compensated for any financial losses and personal damages coming from your termination. This may include attempting to have your job position reinstated if that is your desire. The attorneys at Gabroy Law Offices will review your case to determine your goals regarding the case and help you to accomplish them. y going through an attorney, you will have a much higher chance of success than if you try to manage it on your own. Contact our office today for an initial consultation to review your case. We will review all the pertinent documents in order to craft a lawsuit against your former employer.

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