Hiring a Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Las Vegas

Wrongful termination is a terrible experience that no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, every day, thousands of Americans experience a wrongful termination and many of them are in Las Vegas. They may find they need the services of a Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Las Vegas. When a termination violates certain state and federal laws, the wronged employee can receive compensation. Compensation can include lost salary, wages, commissions, and bonuses, lost benefits, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages.

If you have been the victim of a wrongful termination, contact the wrongful termination attorneys in Las Vegas at the Gabroy | Messer. Claims for wrongful termination must be filed within 180 days of the illegal firing. Failure to meet this deadline means that the employer gets away with what he or she did. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact the Gabroy wrongful termination attorneys in Las Vegas immediately after it happens.

Employment Discrimination

Most wrongful termination cases involve violations of discrimination law. The law forbids adverse employment actions against people because of protected characteristics, such as race, sex, national origin, and many other factors. If you know or suspect that you have lost your job because of discrimination, contact the Gabroy wrongful termination attorneys in Las Vegas. We will investigate and establish your claim. Call now because a strict 180-day time limit exists for filing these types of claims.

Workers’ Compensation

Employees are often fired in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. This is illegal. You are entitled to compensation under the law. No employer has the right to leave injured employees out in the cold. Contact the Gabroy wrongful termination attorneys in Las Vegas. These cases are often easy to prove. If you were fired after being injured on the job, call the Gabroy Law Office now.

Other claims

There are many other wrongful termination claim types. Often, terminations violate contracts. Terminations may also violate internal company procedures as outlined in employee handbooks. Also, employees with medical conditions often face discrimination and termination when they seek medical care under employer health plans.

If you have been fired for an illegal reason, you will often see evidence of the employer’s ill intent prior to being terminated, such as unfairness, odd changes in work duties, reassignment of important projects, harassment, and dishonest employment evaluations. When you are a good employee and get fired unjustly, there is often an illegal reason behind it. For a case evaluation, contact the Gabroy | Messer online or call 702-259-7777 today.

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