When You Need A Wrongful Dismissal Attorney

Losing a job is hard. When it happens, we often feel wronged. But wrongful dismissal means your employer fired you for an illegal reason or fired you without a benefit or severance you have earned.

Nevada is an at-will state in employment. That means that your employer can fire you for most reasons or no reason. It also means you can leave a job whenever you like. But an employer cannot fire you for an illegal reason. At Gabroy Law Offices, we are here to help you, if this is your case.


We can help you with a claim for wrongful dismissal if you had a contract guaranteeing work for a term when you were let go. This contract can be written, oral, or even implied. You cannot be fired if it is discriminatory. Some union members are also protected by a collective bargaining agreement. An employee handbook may even be a contract in some cases.


Employment discrimination is illegal. If your employer fired you only because of your age (if at least 40 years old), religion, gender, gender identity or expression, skin color, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or pregnancy status, that is wrongful dismissal.

Protected conduct

You can claim wrongful dismissal if you are removed for doing something the law protects such as jury duty or filing a discrimination complaint. Nevada also has an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. An employer cannot remove you if it runs against that covenant, such as if you are fired before a large earned benefit is ready to be paid to you.

Lawsuit or settlement

We can help you understand if your dismissal from work falls in one of these categories. We can also help you make certain that you get what you are owed from wrongful dismissal. We may be able to sue your employer or get a settlement instead. Costs you can recoup include lost wages and benefits, medical expenses, emotional distress, and the costs of finding a new job.

Working with a Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

We know all about wrongful dismissal and can help you protect your rights. You don’t have to do it alone. Call us at 702-259-7777  to set an initial appointment to review your case and set up a plan.

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