Working With An Employment Law Attorney

Employment Law AttorneyIf you are experiencing problems in your employment, perhaps an Employment Law Attorney would be able to help you sort it out. An Employment Lawyer works with both the federal and state laws and can provide guidance and the correct information to assist you to make the appropriate decision for you, your employer, and your job. An Employment Lawyer can represent you in court if your employer attempts to fire you for exercising your rights under the law. They can also advise you on any related claims that you may have against your employer.

Federal Labor Laws

The following Federal Laws protect every American citizen, no matter what country you come from. This is because we all have equal rights under the law.

These all exist to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in the workplace. If you are a victim of discrimination or harassment, an employment lawyer can help you file charges or represent you in court if your employer is being hostile to you for exercising your rights.

State Labor Laws

Every state is different, but the basic rights of employees are basically the same everywhere. As far as the Employment Law is concerned, these rights include

  • The freedom of association
  • Equal employment opportunities, and
  • Protection against discrimination.

Therefore, every State will have differing protections against harassment in the workplace, especially sexual harassment. Many employers use sexual orientation as a reason to discriminate against employees or one of their fellow employees. Therefore, it is very important that all employees know their rights and obtain the assistance of an employment law attorney when they believe they have been mistreated.

Nevada labor law also includes discrimination based on

  • Age,
  • Disability,
  • Religion,
  • Race,
  • Gender,
  • or any other category.

In addition, many states also protect against discrimination based on union membership or interest, and/or any political beliefs. This is a very complex area of employment law, which makes it difficult for most employees to understand exactly what protections apply to them. An attorney who specializes in this field will be well-versed in all the applicable facts and laws.

Medical Leave

In addition to your right to union bust, employers can also be held liable for wrongful termination lawsuits. There have been many reported cases of employers firing employees without just cause, laying them off, or forcing them to retire or leave because of complaints regarding medical issues. For example, in a story last March, an employee had been having back pain for two months. She went to the doctor and was told that she could work a few more days as the back pain would subside and she would be able to return to work next week. Two weeks later, the employee began receiving medical treatment and returned to work a week later.

In cases where the employer has given employees notice of their rights under Federal or State Laws, they are responsible for understanding the laws so that they can act in order to protect their rights. An experienced employment lawyer will be familiar with all the Federal and State Laws and what damages an employee can seek in each case. If an employee suspects that they have been unfairly dismissed or injured, they may need an Employment Law Attorney to represent him. In these cases, the employee may have to seek monetary damages to prove that he has been discriminated against.

Whistle Blowing

It has been found that sometimes even good employees can become too concerned about their situation and are willing to blow the whistle on illegal workplace behavior. As a result, they may go too far in making claims for being sexually harassed or being unfairly retaliated against for discussing issues of workplace safety. An Employment Law Attorney should be able to help these employees protect their rights and get the compensation they deserve. If a large company is found to have engaged in illegal conduct, an Employment Law Attorney may be able to file a case against the company, which could lead to a major victory for the employee.

Contacting An Employment Law Attorney

These are just some of the situations in which an employment lawyer can be extremely helpful. When it comes to filing a lawsuit or making a legal claim, knowing your rights and knowing the federal laws that protect them is essential. An Employment Law Attorney can guide you through the entire process, making sure that you have a solid case that is built on legitimate evidence. No one wants to think about filing a personal injury claim, but knowing your rights and knowing what you can do to protect them is the best way to make sure that you receive fair treatment when you are injured at work. Contact our office right away for an initial consultation where we will evaluate your case and give you the advice you need to move forward.

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