Most companies understand the need and importance of treating employees fairly. But there are a few who do not. They allow abuse, bias, and discrimination to thrive in the workplace. If you have been fired from your job for an unjust reason, you do not have to take it. With the help of a
wrongful termination lawyer, you can fight back. Here are a few wrongful termination examples:

1. Racial Bias

It is illegal under federal and state law for an employer to fire someone because of their race. Of course, very few bosses will explicitly say that they made the decision for this reason. But there are always subtle hints, suggestions, and indirect actions that indicate the fact. 

Among the wrongful termination examples, this one can be the hardest to prove. However, if you are having trouble with your manager or supervisor, you should start to save all text messages and emails they send you. If confrontations with them are regular—as though you are being singled out—you might even consider recording such events on your cell phone. This sort of evidence may prove useful if you are terminated and you decide to sue.

2. Gender Bias

You cannot be fired from your job because of your gender. The fallout from sexual harassment is included in this category. Sexual harassment is usually, but not always, directed toward women. This is another hard one among the wrongful termination examples because most women, like their male colleagues, just want to go to work each day and get on with their job. 

However, if you have refused the repeated sexual advances of a superior and they have retaliated by firing you directly, or setting you up for failure so that you can be fired, then they have broken the law. You can take legal action against them. 

3. Age Discrimination

The company cannot terminate your employment based solely on your age. As long as you are competent to do the work and can do the work, you should be allowed to carry on in your job. 

4. Religious Discrimination

Religion is a personal matter. Your employer cannot fire you because your religious beliefs differ from theirs. Nor can they fire you for holding no religious beliefs. This is one of the most important among the many wrongful termination examples because it is happening more and more. Discrimination against atheists and agnostics is on the rise. If you are the victim of this sort of discrimination, then you have a case against your former employer.

Do not resign yourself to a wrongful termination. You should hire an employment lawyer, build up a case, and sue the company that mistreated you. Contact us online or call 702-259-7777 to schedule an initial consultation.

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