Gabroy Law Offices has earned the Avvo Rating Clients’ Choice Award 7 years in a row.

What is the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award?

The Avvo Clients’ Choice Award is awarded to select attorneys based on the rating they acquire. Avvo uses the Avvo Rating to evaluate an attorney’s background based upon the Avvo profile of the attorney and additional info they collect from other public web sources, such as the state bar associations and lawyer websites.

How useful is the Avvo Rating?

When looking for an attorney who has strong representation skills, the choices are not always clear. Many times, when selecting an attorney, time is of the essence, which leaves little time to do a proper evaluation. At these times, it is imperative to have ways to assess an attorney’s skills in a timely manner. The Avvo Rating system gives just such a tool. Potential legal clients can use this rating to make quick comparisons between potential attorneys to determine the one who is the best fit for their case and situation depending on their qualifications and dedication to their clients.

The following four reasons answer how the rating system makes this possible:

  • No bias. The rating the lawyer receives is determined by a mathematical formula which is applied equally to all attorneys involved.
  • No attorney can purchase an Avvo Rating. Avvo treats all attorneys equally. There are no favorites and no attorney can make a payment to influence the results.
  • The Avvo Rating was developed by legal professionals and others who were seeking legal services. They created the Avvo Rating using input from hundreds of lawyers and thousands of clients and others who work in the legal field who are extremely familiar with what an attorney does on a daily basis. The Avvo Rating they created truly reflects the things that these people identified as critical information used when selecting an attorney.
  • The ratings range from 1, at the lowest, to a 10 as the highest. This quick rating system helps potential clients quickly and easily identify attorneys they want to talk to and those they should avoid.

Clients Choice Award badges 2019

We are pleased to have earned this award seven years in a row. We strive to make each client feel like they are our most important client and focus on getting them the best results possible. If you have need of legal counsel, we encourage you to contact our office online or call 702-259-7777 to schedule an initial consultation to review your case. You’ll be glad you did!

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