Being properly compensated for injuries suffered in a car accident can be a long and frustrating process without an aggressive Top Car Accident Attorney. Unraveling crashes always requires a comprehensive evaluation by both law enforcement officials and insurance company claims adjusters, with claims agents looking for any technicality they can find that may justify claim denial. There are some standard defense insurance providers use in cases that have extenuating evidence regarding fault, and it is vital in these cases for any injured victim to retain a reputable Las Vegas personal injury attorney like the lawyers at Gabroy | Messer when seeking whole damages.

How Fault Can Affect Las Vegas Injury Cases

Las Vegas is famous for congested traffic, and accidents on the highways are just a fact of life in the city. It always takes solid legal counsel when pursuing damages when fault can be an issue because Nevada uses modified comparative insurance law that could result in a driver with a comparative negligence percentage greater than 50% being denied an injury claim. Seemingly simple 50-50 two-car accidents can even be problematic when a defendant can establish a technicality that shifts blame to the claimant, and having the right Top Car Accident Attorney means you have your own legal team fighting for you as well.

Potential Damages

While passengers who suffer a personal injury are typically awarded whole damages, the same is not true for drivers. Multiple car accidents with three or more drivers at fault under the 50% threshold are typically paid by the opposing drivers’ insurance company after lawyers have totaled damages and made claim submissions. Drivers can be reimbursed for physical property damage to their vehicle, recovery for medical bills, lost wages when they apply, and long-term general damages for pain and suffering after the fact. Serious injury cases commonly require serious compensation when general damages are calculated, including awards for mental anguish as life goes on. This is the area of a claim where a Top Car Accident Attorney works hardest because general and possibly punitive damage awards are what actually make injury victims financial whole when cases are finally settled.

Contact a Las Vegas Top Car Accident Attorney at Gabroy | Messer

Accident victims with a personal injury are rarely paid equitably when they do not have experienced legal counsel, and the attorney that is chosen can make a major difference. That difference maker in Las Vegas is the legal professionals at Gabroy Law Office. Call them today and let them put their experience to work for you.

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