Slip And Fall Compensation Las Vegas

Slip and fall victims in Nevada can file a negligence suit against the tenant or property owner to seek slip and fall compensation. Many personal injury cases against Las Vegas hotels are based in Clark County. To win a case involving a fall, the plaintiff must prove three things.

  • The premises had a dangerous surface.
  • The property owner/occupant knew or should have known about the hazard.
  • Plaintiff sustained injuries from the hazard.

Slip and fall plaintiffs who win may be able to receive compensatory damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings and/or
  • Pain and suffering

If the court determines that the defendant’s conduct was malicious or other shocking, then the defendant could be ordered to pay slip and fall compensation in the form of punitive damages to the plaintiff. The punitive damages may be three-fold or more depending on the case.

Even if a victim fell and was partially responsible for their injuries, they may still be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Nevada’s comparative negligence laws entitle victims of property owners and tenants to damages if the owners are at least 50% responsible for accident victims.

What If I Fell At A Las Vegas Hotel?

Las Vegas casinos and hotels have a variety of flooring styles. Each type of flooring can pose a danger to your safety. The following are samples of slip and fall accidents that have occurred in Las Vegas hotels:

  • You may have slipped in the shower if the bath mat is too worn and does not provide non-slip protection.
  • Stumbling on an unraveled carpet in a casino, hotel room, elevators, or restaurant.
  • Slipping on spilled drinks in the lobby or at the bar.
  • Tripping on uneven pavement outside of the hotel.
  • Falling down uneven steps or a non-working escalator.
  • Being injured on defective gym equipment.
  • Slipping on a swimming pool’s tiles because of poor drainage.

Nevada law states that hotel patrons are “invitees”. This means that the hotels have the responsibility of regularly inspecting their properties for potentially hazardous situations, and promptly addressing any potential problems.

Hotel staff must be alert for any flooring issues that might cause slips and falls. The hotel should consider the dangers of a certain flooring condition and the location and if hazardous, do one or more of the following.

  • The dangerous area should be cordoned off
  • Place caution signs in the danger zone and/or
  • Fix the problem

It is possible for patrons who trespass in hotel staff-only areas and fall to receive compensation, but it may be more difficult to prove negligence than if the accident happened in hotel public areas. However, depending on the situation, even trespassers might be able to claim monetary damages from hotels.

Contact A Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you or someone close to you injured in a slip and fall accident? For legal advice and guidance on your case, contact our Las Vegas slip & fall lawyers. Our accident lawyers can file suit against all responsible parties to obtain the maximum slip and fall compensation in damages or punitive damages.

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