Last year in Las Vegas, when Sunrise Hospital was testing a nurse for drug use, the results came back positive. The test showed that he had marijuana in his system. He was then fired. Scott Nellis filed a wrongful termination lawsuit case against the hospital and won an early victory. This case is being closely watched since it may be a good indicator of how well Nevada employment law is staying in line with the public sentiment of the acceptability of cannabis use.

Clark County District Court Judge Mark Bailus denied the motion that the hospital filed asking to dismiss four of the five counts of the lawsuit.

Fran Jacques, who is the Sunrise spokeswoman, defended the hospital’s position by saying “Backed by our mission to surround our patients with caregivers who are dedicated to healing above all else, we strongly believe we acted appropriately and we are prepared to vigorously defend ourselves in this case.”

Christian Gabroy, of Gabroy Law Offices, represents Scott Nellis and has said that in order to set a precedent, he would like to have this case tried with a jury in the Supreme Court.

Christian Gabroy further said, “This is a fight that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. It’s amazing. It’s a new civil right of the 21st century,”

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