Using a Las Vegas Wrongful Discharge Attorney

If you have lost your job in Las Vegas for an unfair reason, you need a wrongful discharge attorney. They can assist you through the process of understanding your rights. Read below for cases in which they can help.

Contracted Employment

If you were under a contract, your employer has to fire you for a reason on the contract. If you were fired for a reason that is not on the contract, this is wrongful termination and a breach of contract. An attorney can assist you in reviewing the contract.


If your employer violated his or her own discipline policies when firing you, you may have been wrongfully terminated. An attorney can assist you in reviewing your previous employer’s policies to understand the discipline procedure better. A policy is a form of a contract between you and your employer that cannot be broken by either party.

Unfair Treatment

If an employer stated that you were fired due to certain performance concerns, a wrongful discharge attorney will question the employer about others who performed in the same manner. If this was not the case, the attorney will look into possible discriminatory practices on the part of your previous employer. A false pretext would be the illegal reason for termination.


You may have been wrongfully terminated if you feel as if you were receiving payback. This is especially true if you recently filed a complaint against your employer before termination. The wrongful discharge attorney will assist you through this retaliation claim in an effort to promote that you should have been protected despite making a complaint.

Provide All Evidence

The more evidence that you provide to your lawyer, the better off your case will go. Provide all documentation you have available including policies, contracts, and statements of termination. If you filed complaints, provide records of these as well. You should also provide your attorney with contact information of any witnesses or of the employer.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Wrongful Discharge Attorney

Wrongful termination is unfortunately all too common. A wrongful discharge attorney is here to work with you through your wrongful termination claim, no matter the cause. Contact us today for more information.

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