When You May Need a Las Vegas Employment Litigation Lawyer

Your job is your livelihood. You go in each day as a company employee knowing the income pays the bills. One dispute with your employer could send life spiraling in the wrong tracks. Do not succumb to the power and control your employer has over you. If you have not been paid for working overtime, have been wrongfully terminated, or have other issues with your employer, our lawyers are here to help. At Gabroy | Messer, we look out for the interests of employees at our employment litigation law firm.

Employers are obligated to follow all federal and state laws regarding employees. Yet every year, thousands of people find themselves being mistreated, used, and abused by their employers. Often, it’s a power struggle. It is the employer’s knowledge that our career is our livelihood that keeps people silent about what goes on behind closed doors.

Advantages Of Hiring An Employment Attorney

With our law firm, you gain power and the upper hand because that is what we fight for. Your employer does not have the right to ask you to work overtime without extra pay, sexually harass you, or commit other illegal acts in a retaliatory manner. You go to work to provide a service; nothing more, nothing less. If it happens that you are taken advantage of or are being harassed, you may be entitled to compensation; but without an employment litigation lawyer, you may not have a positive outcome.

Our lawyers understand wrongful termination and employment litigation and how to fight for justice for you, the employee. We believe in fairness and hate when the little guys get the wrong end of the stick because of a power and control struggle with their employer. Fairness and equality for every employee are two things we fight for at our law firm. It’s the least you deserve.

Deciding to call an attorney for wrongful termination or other issues is never an easy decision for an employee. You may feel fear and concern that your boss will fire you or retaliate in another way. Rest assured we take concerns such as this seriously and always work discreetly, protecting your best interests along the way. Remember, at our employment litigation law firm, nothing matters more than fairness for our clients. Contact us today so that we can review your case.

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