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You may be looking for a Las Vegas Employment Attorney, especially if you have wrongfully lost your job. Getting fired is most one of the most shocking and disturbing experiences you will have, even if you know that it is justified. However, when you are unfairly or wrongfully fired from a good paying job that you love, it is demoralizing and can lead to self esteem issues. It can become difficult to face others or to even leave your house, let alone go out and apply for another position right away.

At times, great employees are terminated for hidden and mysterious reasons. Getting the help of a Las Vegas employment attorney may be the right solution for your problem. While there could be various illegal or invalid reasons for the termination, a few of them may include retaliation, whistle blowing, taking FMLA time or sustaining an injury at your workplace. Many times, the reason is also due to discrimination of gender, race, religion, disability and age. If your wrongful termination was due to any of these reasons, you owe it to yourself to seek the help of a Las Vegas employment attorney such as Gabroy | Messer.

Nevada’s Right-to-Work laws can make it more difficult for wrongfully terminated employees to file successful claims. However, here are a couple things an employee can do to help a case succeed.

Report any Acts of Discrimination:

One of the biggest reasons a wrongful termination case is denied is that issues leading up to it were not disclosed to the Manager or to the Human Resources Department. If a company is to be held responsible for discriminatory acts, the management needs to have been made aware of the underlying problems. If they were never notified, it is more difficult to hold them responsible. Make sure you put in writing any acts of discrimination.

File a Discrimination Charge Against the Company:

If you have been a victim of discrimination, you need to file a discrimination charge against them with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Our office can assist in doing this. We know the details about how this works and can take care of filing the necessary paperwork. However, this step is time sensitive, so the sooner the charges are filed, the better.

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated from your employment, you should contact a Las Vegas Employment Attorney, such as one from our office, right away so that we can help you get the process in motion. We will work to help you get the maximum award allowed for discrimination charges by the federal employment regulations. Contact us online or call 702-259-7777 to schedule your initial consultation.

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