Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Auto accidents happen every day in cities like Las Vegas where tourism is so prevalent. Congested traffic is a hallmark of Las Vegas, just like the trove of professional entertainers who are significant attractions for so many vacationers. What this means for the typical Las Vegas driver is an increased opportunity for being involved in a collision, not to mention the fact that multiple vehicle accidents can be more common as well. Even driving at a minimal rate of speed on the primary thoroughfares can result in accidents producing serious injury, and often this occurs to other vehicles within the proximity of the original crash. These accidents can be very complicated in some instances because Nevada uses contributory negligence law that bars a driver from receiving compensation for injuries if they are more at fault for the wreck than the defending party. This stipulation makes personal injury claims difficult in many car accident cases, and having an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney is vital for those wanting whole compensation for damages.

What a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Can Do

All auto accidents in Nevada are investigated by either the state police or the local jurisdictional police departments, but the amount of time they can devote to a particular accident is limited. A Las Vegas car accident attorney can investigate the accident thoroughly and submit minor details that could become valuable evidence when the case is negotiated for settlement. Evidence can be found practically anywhere, and it could be admissible information that increases the value of any particular claim.

Potential Damages

Successful accident claims usually result in compensation for medical bills and lost wages when they apply, as well as property damage allowances for vehicle owners. General damages for pain-and-suffering associated with the injuries are also available but driver injury claims can be reduced by their contributory percentage. Passengers are typically awarded whole damages because they have no fault in a claim. It is estimated that injured accident victims who do not hire an attorney generally receive about one-third of what those with attorneys receive in damages. This is largely accomplished in the general damages pain-and-suffering component of an accident claim. Punitive damages could be available as well in some instances when gross negligence by the defendant can be proven in a trial.

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