How Las Vegas Employment Law Attorney Helps Wrongful Termination Cases

How a Lawyer Can Help You During a Wrongful Termination

The two main options that a Las Vegas employment law attorney may offer you is to seek a severance package or to file a civil wrongful termination lawsuit.

Severance Package

An employer cannot give severance pay if an employment contract, manual, or handbook does not entitle the employee to such a privilege. However, employees, through their lawyers, can negotiate for a severance package in turn for a promise that their employer will dismiss any legal action against them.

Wrongful Termination Suit

If your lawyer is unable to get a severance package from your employer, the next course of action is to file a wrongful termination suit. While the main grounds that your Las Vegas employment law attorney will use to defend your wrongful termination claim are discrimination, retaliation, and violation of public policy, your lawyer may still make a claim based on fraud and defamation.


There are cases when the employer’s act of dismissing a worker is wrong to the point that it is deemed to be fraud. This mainly occurs in the recruitment phase, when an employer breaks their promises, or during the final phase of employment, when an employee is led into resigning. To prove your job loss was caused by fraud, a Las Vegas employment law attorney will prove that:

  • Your employer falsely represented information
  • Your employer’s intention was to deceive you
  • You believe the false information and were harmed by relying on it


A defamation lawsuit is aimed at protecting one’s reputation in the community. When suing for defamation, a Las Vegas employment law attorney will prove that:

  • Your employer made false statements regarding you
  • Your employer made these statements maliciously- knowing that the accusations were wrong or false
  • Your employer told at least one person
  • Your reputation was harmed by your employer’s statements- ruining your chances of finding new employment

Wrongful termination from work can be stressing not only to you but also to your dependents. If you have reason to believe that you have been wrongfully fired, you should consult a Las Vegas employment law attorney at our office online or call 702-259-7777 immediately to have justice served.

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