Car crashes and serious injuries even involve the safest of drivers. That’s because they are hit by careless and negligent drivers who are guilty of speeding, distracted driving or failing to yield the right-of-way. Here at the Gabroy | Messer, our knowledgeable and experienced Las Vegas car accident attorneys understand the physical, financial and emotional consequences of being injured in a car crash that was caused by somebody else.

We Want to Maximize Your Compensation

It’s the goal of all of our Las Vegas car accident attorneys to maximize the compensation that every one of our clients can receive. We do that by providing professional and effective legal representation that gets highly favorable results.

Types of Damages That You Can Recover

After being seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash that was caused by another driver, retain our Las Vegas car accident attorneys, and we will pursue compensation to the full extent of the damages that you suffered. Here are some of the items of damages that are compensable under Nevada law:

  • All reasonable and necessary medical bills.
  • Lost earnings or diminished earning capacity.
  • The property damage that you suffered.
  • Any permanent disability or disfigurement.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Diminished quality of life.
  • In the event of wrongful death, other valuable damages are allowed, including funeral and burial costs.

Statements and Social Media

You can expect to be contacted by the opposing insurance company’s representative shortly after the accident “just to see how you’re getting along.” Then, he or she will ask for a recorded statement from you. Nevada law doesn’t require you to give that statement. Politely refuse to give any type of statement and contact our Las Vegas car accident attorneys instead. You can arrange for a confidential consultation and case review. Don’t say anything on social media about your accident either. That insurer will be looking for you there. It might want to use your social media statements about your accident against you.

Contact our Las Vegas car accident attorneys right away after being injured in a crash that was caused by another driver. We want to hear your version of events. After that, we’ll advise you of all of your legal options. You can contact us online or by calling¬†702-259-7777 to schedule an initial¬†consultation.

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