Most companies understand the need to treat workers with respect, fairness, and dignity in the workplace. They establish and rigorously enforce policy and regulations that ensure such outcomes. Unfortunately, a number of employers actively encourage or turn a blind eye to bias, discrimination, and harassment. That’s when you need the services of Henderson employment lawyers.

If you believe that you have been abused, wrongfully terminated, or unfairly denied promotion by your employer, you do not have to resign yourself to it. You can build a case and sue.

The first thing you should do is retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in employment law. You must have a legal strategy, or the beginnings of one, before you make any official moves. Your employer is not likely to back down. They will try to discredit your suit or have it dismissed. You want to be prepared with the facts and arguments needed to get the justice you deserve.

Henderson employment lawyers can provide you with the advice and counsel you need to pursue your case. The first thing that Henderson employment lawyers will do is establish the facts of the case and determine whether your lawsuit has merit.

The following acts are illegal by state and federal law and can be used as the basis for a lawsuit:

Race discrimination

You cannot be denied promotion or fired because of race or national origin. Most racist acts tend to be subtle and understated. If your boss or supervisor has made racially charged remarks, has shown preferential treatment for one group over others, or has suggested that you cannot do a job or fill a position because of your race, our Henderson employment lawyers will help you seek legal redress.

Sexual harassment

Lewd comments, sexually suggestive remarks, unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit images or gestures—these all constitute sexual harassment, and they are against the law. If you have been demoted, fired, or denied a promotion because you have refused the sexual advances of a superior, you do have the grounds for a lawsuit. Our Henderson employment lawyers can help you put it together.

Age Discrimination

You cannot be denied opportunities or fired from your job based solely on your age. As long as you can carry out your duties with competence and skill, your employer cannot use age as a factor in making employment and promotion decisions.

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If you have been fired from your job due to one of these reasons, you’ll want to contact one of our Henderson Employment Lawyers right away. The longer the time between losing your job and filing a lawsuit, the more your chances of success are reduced. Contact us online or call 702-259-7777 to schedule your initial consultation where we can review your case and make any plans to move it forward.

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