Gabroy | Messer provides injured clients in the Las Vegas area with the expertise they need to get justice after a car accident caused by the negligence of another person leaves their life turned upside down. Many people experience injuries that leave them unable to work and with the need to visit the doctor regularly for treatment and medications. Rather than accept this as your fate, give our experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas a call and fight back.

We’re the experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas who understands the stress that accompanies the life of a victim post-accident. We also understand how the insurance company attempts to downplay the injuries and damages by offering a small amount of money to settle the matter. Do not settle until you’ve spoken to one of our lawyers. We make sure our clients get every penny allowable in their case. You didn’t ask to be involved in an accident and shouldn’t be left to pay for someone else’s actions more than you are already.

Our experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas helps you recoup money for lost wages, medical bills, and future medical bills, pain, and suffering, and more. Auto accidents cost thousands of dollars when medical bills and damages are tallied. Such expense can devastate anyone, especially when the money just isn’t there to spend. You shouldn’t worry about how you’ll get the medical care that you need or how you will pay the mortgage at this point in your life. You should focus on recovering and rebuilding; and with our team of legal experts on your side, you can get things done.

Contact our office online or call our experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas at 702-259-7777 to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case in detail. We understand the difficulties that car accident victims face after an accident and immediately plan how we’ll fight to get every penny that you deserve. There is no obligation to hire us but rest assured that we’ll fight tooth and nail for you every step of the way should you wish to pursue the matter.

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