An Experienced Family Leave Attorney Can Help With Your Case in Las Vegas

Very few people can live without being employed. Similarly, many people cannot raise a family without working. You need a proper balance between work and family without compromising one over the other. The law protects employees from being taken advantage of by their employers, and experienced family leave attorney Las Vegas professionals protect workers by standing up for their violated rights.

The Legal Rights of Employees

Every employee is given certain rights as outlined in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The main idea is that each one is allowed a maximum of 12 weeks to leave work for a family or medical issue such as a pregnancy, adoption or hospitalization, without the risk of termination. Only experienced family leave attorney Las Vegas professionals understand the law and have handled dozens of cases that involve workers’ rights.

If you received less time than needed, or no time at all, your employee rights have been violated. You cannot make up for a bad experience, but you can make sure that it doesn’t happen to another employee. See how you can be compensated for losses by seeking an experienced family leave attorney Las Vegas professional.


All employees must be eligible to have their rights protected under the FMLA Act. They are eligible if they work at a company with 50 or more employees; however, this rule does not apply to workers at schools or public agencies. Another requirement is to have worked there for at least one year.

Employees are not eligible if they work part-time or need to care for animals. They are also not eligible if the medical emergency is a short-term illness like the flu or they need to attend a routine doctor’s checkup. They have to give a 30-day notice for a certain event like a birth, adoption or medical treatment.

How an Experienced Family Leave Attorney Las Vegas Will Help You

Since not every employee is eligible and not every situation is relevant, contact Experienced Family Leave Attorney Las Vegas for more detailed explanations. Some people threaten lawsuits without realizing that they do not know all of the requirements. Learn about all of your eligibility requirements with the help of experienced family leave attorney Las Vegas providers. Our office handles many of these types of cases and we can help you with yours.

You may encounter a situation where a family event or personal illness has come into your life. You know that the company has to lay you off, but you’re not sure of the circumstances. At the Gabroy | Messer, you can contact our experienced family leave attorney Las Vegas professionals online or by calling702-259-7777 if you were treated unfairly. Learn how we are able to get you compensated for any losses at home or work.

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