Do I Need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

Our law firm, the Gabroy | Messer, receives many e-mails and phone calls from frustrated former employees. The callers seem to have a similar question always-“Do I need a wrongful termination lawyer?” As a wrongful termination lawyer, I ask the citizens seeking to file wrongful termination lawsuits to consider the following questions:

  • Were you wrongfully terminated?
  • What proves that you were unlawfully fired?
  • What were the “real” reasons for your termination?
  • What do you think your employer will say was the “factual” grounds for your termination?

If you answer these questions by a wrongful termination lawyer, chances are you have a valid case. The employers may cite the “cause” of dismissing a worker, but upon further investigations or the review of the evidence from the litigant, an attorney will realize that the claimant lost the job for unlawful reasons. Below we provide the grounds for a wrongful termination.

“At-Will” Terms of Employment

Most U.S. employees work at-will meaning the employer can dismiss staff for no reason or any legal basis. However, employers cannot fire workers on unlawful grounds. A wrongful termination lawyer will pursue the unlawful personnel dismissal reasons. Unlawful reasons for dismissal of staff include:

  • The breach of employment contract.
  • Violation of labor regulations.
  • Breach of anti-discrimination law.
  • Firing an employee as part of sexual harassment.
  • Retaliating against the worker for whistleblowing, for example, the employee who reports the company for selling a defective product or tax evasion.
  • Dismissing a staff member who presents a complaint or grievance to the management.

How a Wrongful Termination Lawyer handles Dismissal Cases

At the Gabroy | Messer, we have staff who analyze your wrongful termination issue. We may prove that despite the employer providing a cause for firing a worker, the termination was illegal. Probably, the employer did not comply with the employment contract, whose provisions state why you can lose your job. Is the reason for the job termination in the contract? Probably not.

We will also find out whether the employer followed the company employment policy to dismiss you. To find out how differential treatment and discrimination are ideal grounds for a wrongful termination lawyer to help you, and a review of your case, contact us online or call 702-259-7777 today.

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