As the coronavirus pandemic has raged across the United States, you may have tried to be at work as much as possible. However, due to circumstances beyond your control, you one day find yourself fired by your employer. If this happened to you, immediately consult with a COVID-19 wrongful termination attorney from Gabroy | Messer. By working with us, we can examine your case in greater detail and help you get the justice you deserve.

Reasons for Wrongful Terminations

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found many employees were wrongfully terminated for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Refusing employer request to work in violation of health and safety standards
  • Staying home to care for a loved one
  • Employment is deemed to be non-essential

In most if not all of these situations, a COVID-19 wrongful termination attorney will advise you that there are numerous federal laws offering protection against illegal termination. For example, OSHA provides workers the right to not be fired for refusing to work in violation of health and safety standards, while the U.S. Department of Labor urges employers to be very flexible in offering alternative work arrangements, such as telework.

Employer Health Inquiries

In some instances, we have found employees were fired from their jobs shortly after disclosing various details about their health or that of a family member to their employer. While federal legislation associated with the pandemic and the ADA allows employers to make certain inquiries to protect an entire workplace, this does not allow them to make in-depth health inquiries regarding your family members. If this was done to you and shortly afterward you were fired, speak to a COVID-19 wrongful termination attorney as soon as possible.

Working with a COVID-19 wrongful termination attorney

Despite employees being afforded protection from termination by the Family Medical Leave Act and other types of federal law this, unfortunately, does not stop employers from crossing the line regarding terminations. If you believe your sudden termination was linked to COVID-19, consult with us here at Gabroy | Messer. By doing so, you can work with a knowledgeable COVID-19 wrongful termination attorney who will fight hard to protect your rights. Contact us online or by calling 702-259-7777 today.

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