The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Coronavirus employment discrimination has even occurred in the workplace. Thankfully, an attorney at Gabroy | Messer can help you through this process.

What is Coronavirus Employment Discrimination?

If someone gets coronavirus, he or she is most likely unable to work for a short time period. Some employers discriminate against this, despite it being classified as a disability by the ADA. A lawyer can assist you through the claims process of this discrimination to assist you in receiving the help you need.

Coronavirus Accommodations

All employers have to provide accommodations to employees with disabilities under the ADA, including coronavirus. A medical leave is a reasonable accommodation in some states, with remote work being an option. Even if you have a disability that puts you in the high-risk category of coronavirus, you are able to take your work home due to coronavirus.

Protections for Family Members of Those with Coronavirus

If your employer has engaged in coronavirus employment discrimination by treating you unfairly due to a family member’s diagnosis, you should speak with a lawyer. It is important to note that you are unable to request accommodations due to a family member’s illness. However, it may be beneficial for employers to consider the health of other employees.


Employers cannot randomly ask you questions about your current state of health. If they have a reason to believe something is wrong due to job performance or workplace threats, there are only specific types of questions they may ask. During a pandemic, employers also have a larger right to ask without it being considered coronavirus employment discrimination.


If you pose a direct threat to the workplace, employers are allowed to ask you to go home. They must first try to make an accommodation. However, if this is not possible, you should go home. It is important that employers use the CDC as much as possible in that decision to avoid discriminatory practices.

Final Thoughts on Coronavirus Employment Discrimination

If you believe, after reading this information, that you have been subject to coronavirus employment discrimination, contact a lawyer right away. Get in touch with Gabroy | Messer today online or by calling 702-259-7777 to schedule an initial consultation. We can assist you in filing a claim quickly and efficiently if your employer engaged in discriminatory practices.

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