NEVADA – On Wednesday, officials from the health department announced that the requirement for mask-wearing indoors will take effect by the end of the week in all 17 Silver State counties.

Governor Steve Sisolak issued an emergency directive directing counties to adopt mask regulations for indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor areas if they exceed thresholds for COVID-19 transmission in compliance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.

Currently, the only state jurisdiction that does not have to adhere to a mask requirement is rural Eureka County. However, it reported high streaming the second week straight, prompting the mandate for Friday, September 10.

There has been resistance to the introduction of vaccine requirements at sporting events, conventions, and schools, as well as the reintroduction and reinstatement of masks.

The Las Vegas school board president claims she has been threatened with death since her district decided to require that all employees receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Linda Cavazos, Chair of the CCSD Board, stated on Twitter that threats contained “very disturbing images”, but she and her coworkers continued to do their jobs. He added, “We don’t have time for hatred.”

See the full story here.

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