Las Vegas Attorney for Wrongful Termination

It is possible that you could be the victim of wrongful termination if your job termination seems out of line. Las Vegas employers may not follow wrongful termination laws when they wrongly terminate employees after they report illegal or unsafe business practices or for reporting sexual harassment at work. With the right attorney who understands wrongful termination laws, wrongful termination cases don’t need to be daunting. For exceptional legal representation, trust us.

How Do You Tell It’s A Wrongful Termination

Like most states, Nevada obeys “at-will” employment laws. Employer and employee have the right to terminate employment at any moment without notice or reason without breaking the wrongful termination laws. Employers can fire employees for any reason, or none at all, under at-will laws. This can make it harder to prove a wrongful termination case. The at-will doctrine is not without limitations. Employers cannot terminate an employment relationship in the ways below.

An employer could legally be bound by an employee handbook if it has one. If an employee handbook outlines job security and termination procedures, and if the employer fails to follow these guidelines, it could be considered wrongful termination and breaking the wrongful termination laws. The wrongful discharge could also be proven by an oral agreement securing job security. If you believe you have been the victim of wrongful firing, contact our Las Vegas lawyers to get a free review of your employment claim. If you have a valid claim, we’ll inform you.

Do You Require An Attorney?

An attorney can help you win financial compensation in Las Vegas by representing your wrongful termination case. An attorney can fight major corporations and insurance companies and represent you in court.

Contact us if your wrongful termination caused financial hardship for your family, damaged your professional reputation or difficulty finding another job. Your discharge could have resulted in you being eligible for financial and personal damages. If that’s what your goal is, you may be able to get your job back. Our lawyers will work closely with you to determine your specific goals and meet them.

Do not attempt to navigate Nevada’s difficult wrongful termination laws on your own. We are able to review your employment contracts, employer policies, and performance reviews. Then, we can file a lawsuit against the employer for wrongful termination. Contact our lawyers today if you have any questions about your rights following the loss of your Las Vegas job.

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