The majority of employment relationships in Nevada are “at will.” This means that both the employer and employee have the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time. There are however situations where termination of employment can be a violation of employee rights in Nevada. This constitutes Wrongful Termination in Las Vegas.

Wrongful termination claims are often very complex, depending on the allegations. It can be hard to determine whether a termination was legal or illegal. It is best to speak with an experienced employment lawyer who knows Nevada and federal employment laws if you have questions or reservations about your employment termination. For guidance, please call Gabroy | Messer’ wrongful termination attorneys in Las Vegas today.

Causes For Wrongful Termination in Las Vegas

Many circumstances can lead to termination that is contrary to a particular statute or common law. These are just a few examples of situations that could lead to wrongful termination:

  • Discriminatory reasons for firing the employee were based on race, color, and religion.
  • The employee was fired because they filed a complaint regarding unlawful harassment, hostile work environments, and unlawful discrimination at the workplace.
  • In retaliation, the employee was fired for filing a valid workers’ comp claim, taking qualified family or medical leave, or making a claim under ERISA and other company benefits plans.
  • The employee was terminated in violation of an employment contract that had a fixed term and the employee did not meet the requirements to be terminated.
  • After reporting illegal or unethical acts of the employer, either under state or federal law (whistleblowing protections), the employee was fired.
  • The employee was fired for refusing to engage in illegal activity or exercising a lawful right, such as voting, jury duty, or other violations of public policy.

From these, it is clear to see that there are many reasons an employee can’t be fired legally even if they’re in an at-will relationship. An employee wrongfully terminated can seek compensation for things like their position back, the compensation for time lost, and any other damages stemming from the wrongful termination.

Learn How Our Wrongful Termination Attorneys Can Help

Many cases involving wrongful termination have been handled by Gabroy | Messer Employment Attorneys. For assistance in a dispute, call our Nevada employment law office as soon as you can.

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