No one should be forced to accept wrongful termination. Decisions concerning hiring, promotion, and employment termination should be based on performance, not personal prejudice, discrimination, or retaliation. If you believe that you have been illegally fired, then you must act. Hiring wrongful termination and retaliation lawyers is the best way to start.

Examples of Wrongful Termination

Various laws at the federal and state levels protect employees from wrongful termination. You cannot be fired from your job for any of the following reasons:

1. Whistleblowing

If you have reported theft, waste, fraud, or abuse in the workplace, it is illegal for your employers to fire you. Misconduct is often perpetrated by people in management. They can influence others who have the power to terminate your employment. If you are fired, the company may try to attribute it to some other cause. However, wrongful termination and retaliation lawyers know how to expose such action for what it is: an attempt to punish you for speaking out.

2. Reporting Sexual Harassment

You cannot lose your job for reporting sexual harassment. It is hard for victims of sexual harassment to report the perpetrators of it. If you have suffered such abuse, fear of losing your job may prevent you from speaking out. The law protects you from termination. And if the company’s response to a formal sexual harassment complaint is to let you go, you should contact a lawyer.

3. Gender or racial discrimination

If you suspect that your recent termination owes to sexism or racism, then you must act. Wrongful termination and retaliation lawyers have the expertise and experience to help. Few people are willing to make explicit racist or sexist comments in the workplace. However, if you have evidence that the person who fired you made derogatory comments toward you during the time you were employed, then you may have a case against them.

In these cases, the company will not claim that you were fired because of your race or gender. Their usual way of going about it is to set you up for failure and then fire you for poor work performance. Wrongful termination and retaliation lawyers know how to investigate such cases and get to the truth of why you were fired.

Hiring Wrongful Termination and Retaliation Lawyers

If you were unjustly fired from your job, then you should retain legal counsel. Hiring a lawyer who will help you get justice is the best step in getting your case resolved with the best possible outcome.

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