A few grounds for wrongful termination

There are few events in life that rival the discouragement associated with being terminated from a job. Everyone who works generally depends on the income stream for a livelihood and many work positions can be stressful in a wide variety of ways. One of the biggest factors of stress at work is the fact that employers in the U.S. “at will” employment system can largely terminate anyone for practically any reason as long as the decision to terminate does not fall within certain legal guidelines. There are long-established rules regarding employment actions governed by the EEOC that are directed at wrongful termination grounds involving certain criteria. However, there are still many employment terminations that could be deemed unlawful when a case is actually presented to the appropriate judicial agency by an experienced employment lawyer like Gabroy Law Firm.

EEOC Violations

While EEOC rules generally address problems with hiring and promotions, they can also include wrongful termination grounds when the employer reasoning falls into specific categories. Those categories are employment decisions made regarding:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Age (in some cases)
  • Disability (in some cases)
  • Pregnancy

Employment Contract Termination

Most employees are not working under a contract. However, you do have a contract if you are working under the protection of a collective bargaining agreement through membership in a union. The employment contract will state the duties of the employee and the responsibilities of the employer as well, but the truth is that the language in any employment contract will be established to favor the employer. But, that does not mean that a contract does not get breached. Contracts are always focused on detail, but the court will evaluate the issue based on the nature of the relationship between the employer and the claimant. This is the time to make sure you are represented by a solid aggressive wrongful termination attorney.


There are many employees terminations that may not fall under these case types, but there is one exception for the typical “at will” employee. Retaliation by an employer for filing a complaint or for providing information regarding illegal activity could well be declared wrongful termination grounds when the case is heard in court.

The details of your case can make a major difference in any termination case, and so can your attorney. Anyone in Nevada who thinks they have been wrongfully terminated should contact GabroyLaw Offices online in Henderson or by phone at 702-259-7777.

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