One of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents in the elderly is to ensure they have a safe environment to live in. This means having a warm place to relax in the evenings, as well as a safe surface on which to walk. You should also ensure that their surroundings are as clean as possible and free of obstacles. Taking these steps will go a long way in protecting them against potential injuries.

Falls are a very common problem in the elderly. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are millions of older people who slip and fall. Many of these do not get reported to their doctors or family members. Many elderly citizens are susceptible to these slips and falls because they have muscle loss and poor posture. This article is dedicated to informing the public about ways to prevent slip and fall accidents in the elderly. If you are a senior citizen or caretaker of an elderly loved one, it is your responsibility to take care of him or her, and learn how to prevent accidental falls.

The Following Can Help To Prevent Slip And Falls

The first thing that you need to do is have a safe environment for them. This includes the following:

  • Do not let them wander alone in your home.
  • Ensure that your yard is well lit at all times so that they can see obstacles clearly.
  • Do not have too many bushes or uneven surfaces.
  • Avoid using too many rugs on the floor.
  • Arrange rugs in a manner that does not put them in a vulnerable position.
  • Try and get all the clutter out of the room: this means getting rid of old knickknacks and packing unused items into boxes.

It may sound like common sense, but elderly folks get hurt all the time from objects that are out of their usual positions. An organized home can prevent this problem to an extreme degree.

What Conditions Make A Slip And Fall More Likely?

Prevent Slip And FallThere are many conditions that can contribute to a slip and fall. The risk factors can be managed in such a way as to help prevent slip and falls. Some of these include:

  • Muscle weakness.
  • A deficiency of vitamin D.
  • Problems with balance while walking.
  • Side effects of medications.
  • Poor vision.
  • Improperly fitting footwear.
  • Pain in the feet.
  • Hazards in the home such as uneven steps.
  • Improper use of throw rugs.

Ways Exercise Can Help Prevent Elderly Slip And Falls:

Elderly folks tend to tire more quickly than younger individuals, and the longer they are on their feet, the more chance there is that a slip or fall will occur. Ensure that they are able to sit for periods of time when needed and encourage them to go for walks. They may not enjoy it, but taking a brisk walk is going to be good for their muscle tone and strength. If you are elderly and are concerned about falling, follow some simple guidelines to ensure you are protected.

When taking a walk, do not make sudden movements. Take your time. Oftentimes, older people have trouble following maps and routes, so take your time and learn where you’re going. This will help you prevent an accident from occurring. Also, be careful when crossing the roads, as some elderly individuals may not be able to see things clearly especially at night.

Well Fitting Shoes

There are plenty of anti-slip devices and shoes out there which can help to make sure that you stay safe. Even a little extra help is bound to keep you safe. Elderly folk often end up with muscle strain after standing for long periods of time. This is something which can be prevented by wearing the proper footwear!

Do not leave home without wearing comfortable shoes. Older people tend to develop bad habits as they grow older. By wearing comfortable shoes, this can be avoided. Make sure that they wear shoes that fit well since too tight of a fit is more likely to result in a fall. In addition, make sure that the footwear you select fits well enough so that their foot will not be able to slide around in the shoe!

Who Is Liable For Slip And Fall Injuries?

Sometimes, a slip and fall injury comes as a result of the negligence of someone else. Some of these incidents could include the following:

  • A business parking lot has large cracks that cause uneven surfaces or potholes a person could step into.
  • A restaurant has wet floors and doesn’t notify customers.
  • A business has a set of stairs with no handrail.
  • A property management company has defective stair treads on the property they manage.
  • A nursing home fails to adequately monitor the residents.

These types of slips and falls become the responsibility of these businesses and make them liable for the damages sustained. If the slip and fall accident causes death to the person in question, the company responsible may be liable for wrongful death, and the surviving family members may bring legal action against them.

It is possible to receive compensation for the medical bills, loss of earnings, emotional distress, pain and suffering, etc.

Elderly Slip And Fall Attorneys In Las Vegas

For anyone who has been injured in a slip and fall that was the result of someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Our experienced attorneys will help get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation to review your case.

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