Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Required For Biggest Settlement

After a serious accident, don’t wait to get in touch with a Vegas Car Accident Lawyer.

A Las Vegas car accident lawyer at Gabroy | Messer can help you and your family get everything they need following a car crash. Gabroy | Messer has helped many victims of car accidents. We understand that even though you may have done everything right, a reckless driver can turn your life upside down. It is important to know when you should contact a Vegas Car Accident Lawyer in a car accident to ensure that you get all the compensation you are entitled to and that you have a chance to fully recover.

Our Vegas Car Accident Lawyers have decades of experience representing victims of car accidents and helping them navigate the legal system after an accident. Our approach to every case is focused on the fact that results can only be achieved with a determined and aggressive voice. Gabroy | Messer is consistently ranked among the top car accident lawyers in Las Vegas.

After being involved in a car accident, don’t wait to get help. Gabroy | Messer can help you and your loved ones get started on the road to recovery. Contact us at 702-259-7777 today or send the details of your accident online. We will get back to you as soon as we can in order to arrange a complimentary initial consultation at our office.

Car Accidents Are Very Common In Las Vegas

Every year, thousands of motorcycle and car accidents occur in Las Vegas. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, more than 1,300 people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year. Hundreds of these crashes result in death. An accident on a busy street, such as Flamingo Road or Interstate 15, can cause serious injuries. Crashes can be just as deadly on a slow road, even though they may appear less dangerous than accidents on fast roads.

Christian Gabroy, an auto accident lawyer, has over 18 years of experience in helping victims of motorcycle and car accidents. He represents clients throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We know that you won’t be able to recover the compensation you deserve without finding out exactly how your accident occurred.

We have seen the following types of car accidents:

  • Reckless Driver Accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Distracted Driver Accidents
  • Road Rage Accidents
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Rear End Incidents
  • Uninsured Driver Accidents
  • T-Bone Accidents
  • Fatal Car Accidents
  • Uber and Rideshare Accidents

The accident attorneys at Gabroy | Messer have seen many types of motor vehicles involved in crashes. These are some of the most frequent vehicles we see in accidents with cars:

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often fatal due to the difference in size between semi-trucks versus regular cars. These accidents are common on Las Vegas’ busy roads, but they also happen frequently on Las Vegas’ surface streets. If you have been in an accident with trucks, our motor vehicle accident lawyers can help.

Motorcycle accidents

Sometimes, the other side may try to minimize their liability by accusing you of being negligent. We know how important it is for getting financial assistance after a car accident. We know how to get you the financial help you need quickly.

Bicycle accidents

The law gives cyclists the right to travel in Nevada, whether they are traveling within the city limits or over long distances. We won’t allow a negligent party to deny you the compensation you are due.

Pedestrian Accidents

Nevada’s vehicles often cause injury or death to pedestrians who are not suspecting an issue. Many of our clients have been helped to recover the damages after these horrific and unnecessary accidents.

Bus Accidents

Every day, people are seriously injured in bus accidents that occur on major highways and city streets. Gabroy | Messer can assist you, regardless of whether you were injured by a commercial bus or a municipally-owned or operated bus.

Postal Driver Accidents

These kinds of accidents are quite common but many lawyers don’t know how to recover damages from government agencies whose employees were driving government vehicles. Your lawyer should be familiar with the process of a postal injury case.

Working With A Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Our Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers can assist you regardless of the type of vehicle accident. Contact us today if you have been injured in an accident involving cars, motorcycles, or other types of vehicles. Call 702-259-7777 for a no-obligation consultation.

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