Unemployment insurance claims can become denied for a variety of unknown reasons. Many individuals opt for appealing these denials. Lawyers are able to help during this appeal process by guiding you in the process.

Unemployment Insurance Claims Agency Hearing

Unemployment insurance claims have to first go through one of the numerous agencies. Previous employers do, unfortunately, have the right to object to the claim. They will submit a reason to the agency for why you should not receive the claim that you filed for and why you should not get the benefits.

If a previous employer objects, the unemployment agency will interview you and the employer. There may even be a hearing that an appeal attorney can assist you through. If you are denied, you can then appeal the denial if you believe you are due the approval.


If you are denied your unemployment insurance claim, you have a right to appeal the decision. You must write a letter concerning the appeal to the appropriate board of the agency within the time period of your state’s laws. An appeals lawyer can help you to decide what to include and notify you of the deadline in your state.

When the board receives your letter, they will review the letter, the original application, the objections, and the hearing notes. During the review process, more information may be submitted by you to assist your case or by the ex-employer. A lawyer can write an argument for you as well, which will increase your odds of success significantly.

Taking it to Court with an Unemployment Insurance Claims Attorney

If the board again denies the appeal, the unemployment insurance claims denial can be taken to court. This is when an appeals lawyer becomes the most beneficial to you. If your state allows for a trial court, you will have a date set.

There are so many rules that an appeals lawyer can assist you through in regards to a court hearing. They can help you make sure that you are ready to answer the questions of the ex-employer’s lawyer as well. Your appeals lawyer can assist you in knowing how to manage the opposing side well.

Final Thoughts

With unprecedented unemployment filings, there are bound to be an unprecedented number of unemployment denials forthcoming, and many filers aren’t aware they have the right to an appeal in front of a hearing board. An unemployment insurance claims appeal attorney can assist you throughout the entire process of the denial of a claim. They will be there for the initial denial hearing, the appeal and the court case if it goes that far. They will answer all questions you may have and assist you every step of the way. Unemployment claims are at unprecedented highs, including in our own state. After you’ve filed, and if you’ve been denied your benefits, you have the right to appeal the denial and Gabroy | Messer may be able to help with the unemployment claim and the potential wrongful termination claim. Contact us online or by calling 702-259-7777 today if you have been denied, or if you feel your employment rights have been violated.

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