According to a story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week, more than 170,000 initial unemployment claims were filed in the last three weeks alone, compared to a total of 119,232 weekly initial claims in 2019. Nationally, approximately 17 million people are facing joblessness.

“The unemployment numbers we are seeing are staggering,” said Christian Gabroy, Esq., founder of Gabroy | Messer. “We are of course facing unprecedented times, and the employment landscape ahead for Nevadans is uncertain. With unemployment claims as high as they are, the forthcoming claim denials are likely to spike, as well.”

High initial unemployment claim figures in Nevada as a result of COVID-19 were expected, but as the state faces unprecedented initial unemployment filings, it is critical for Nevadans to be aware of their rights.

Nevadans who have filed for unemployment benefits and are denied generally have the right to appeal the decision per NRS chapter 612. However, the time frame to do so can approach quickly, coming as soon as 11 days after the decision is dispatched. For many first-time filers, or even for those who have filed for unemployment in the past, this process is unfamiliar and daunting, but is crucial nonetheless. In addition to the appeal itself, filers have a right to representation in their appeal. Of course, any person with questions about their unemployment rights, the process, and applicable deadlines should consult with an attorney.

Attorney Christian Gabroy is speaking in Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s virtual town hall series on this, and other employment issues facing our community on Friday, April 10, at 3 p.m. via GoToMeeting. Visit https://www.lacsn.org/covid-19 for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case, please contact us online or by calling 702-259-7777. We can help you file an appeal if your claim has been denied.

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