Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney

A Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney Can Help Unfairly Fired Employees

In Nevada, an employee has an at-will relationship with his employer. Therefore, an employer can fire an employee with no warning and without just cause. However, a Las Vegas wrongful termination attorney knows that the at-will doctrine does not give any employer carte blanche to break labor laws or infringe upon an employee’s rights.

Anyone who is wrongfully terminated by an employer can seek compensation for emotional distress and lost wages with the help of a Las Vegas wrongful termination attorney. In some instances, a Las Vegas wrongful termination attorney can even get an employee’s former position reinstated.

Wrongful Termination Circumstances

The circumstances described below are only a few of the ways that an employer may wrongfully terminate an employee. Terminations are considered wrongful when an employer fires an employee for:

  • Being legally compelled to fulfill a jury duty obligation.
  • Breaching a signed employment contract that stipulates a specific term of employment if the employer has no qualified cause to terminate the individual’s employment.
  • Declining to engage in illegal activities when the employer requests that the employee engages in illegal activities on the job.
  • Discriminating against the employee’s disability status, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.
  • Exercising the right to vote.
  • Filing a claim for worker’s compensation.
  • Making a claim under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act.
  • Making a complaint about workplace discrimination, a hostile work environment or harassment.
  • Reporting the employer’s unethical or unlawful actions. An employee who reports these types of actions is protected by whistleblower laws.
  • Taking a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Get Help From a Las Vegas Wrongful Termination Attorney

We are dedicated to helping people who have been wrongfully terminated by their employer. It is stressful and intimidating to face a former employer after being fired, and nobody should try to pursue a wrongful termination claim on his own. Contact us online today or call 702-259-7777 to speak to a Las Vegas wrongful termination attorney at our law firm.

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