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Think you may need the services of a motorcycle accident attorney? More people than ever are riding motorcycles in Las Vegas, Nevada. With summer in full swing, people are more than happy to get on their motorcycles and ride on the city’s streets with a great sense of freedom. However, there are many dangers associated with riding these vehicles and more chances of getting into an accident that can result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, people are driving while distracted or even while under the influence throughout the city. Others simply ignore the road rules and laws and don’t take precautions while sharing the road with motorcycles. If you have been in an accident riding your motorcycle and suffered injuries, you will want to rely on the services of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Sometimes, a motorcycle accident is the fault of another driver on the road. Other times, it may be the motorcycle driver’s fault. Generally, these are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Excessive speed: Too often, a person on a motorcycle may be tempted to travel at excessive speeds. Drivers of cars may do the same, and it can make for a dangerous situation on the road. Both drivers and motorcycle riders should stay within the legally posted speed limit and slow down when weather conditions are bad, traffic is heavy or if there are obstructions or construction on the road.
  • Alcohol or drugs: When a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs behind the wheel, whether on a motorcycle or in a car, it puts others at risk of an accident. If the driver of a car is under the influence, they have a reduced reaction time, which can easily result in an accident with a motorcycle, which is much more vulnerable than a regular car.
  • Head-on collisions: A motorcycle accident attorney would tell you that the majority of motorcycle accidents involve head-on collisions involving other vehicles. Around 75 percent of the time, these accidents occur due to a car or even larger vehicle striking a motorcycle from the front. These accidents often result in fatalities to the motorcycle rider.
  • Left turn collisions: Left turns made by cars and larger vehicles can be dangerous for motorcycle riders as it may be difficult for the driver of those vehicles to see the motorcycle. This type of accident makes up 42 percent of those involving motorcycles.
  • Road hazards: Another common culprit for motorcycle accidents involves hazards on the road. This can include potholes, debris or objects on the road or even uneven or slippery pavements.

Motorcycle Laws

Nevada has laws pertaining to operating a motorcycle to keep riders safe, as a motorcycle accident attorney can explain to you. In addition to being required to follow the rules of the road, the following laws exist for motorcyclists:

  • They must hold a Class M driver’s license
  • Drivers and passengers must wear helmets
  • Protective eye gear or facial shields must be worn unless the motorcycle has a windshield
  • The motorcycle must have at least one headlight but no more than two
  • Lights must be large enough to be seen within at least 500 feet
  • Brake lights must be bright enough to be seen within 300 feet
  • Motorcycles must have rear reflectors
  • Front and back brakes must be in working condition
  • Motorcycles must have electric turn signals on their front and back
  • Motorcycles must have fenders on the front and back
  • Motorcycles must have side mirrors
  • Motorcycles must have horns and mufflers

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Las Vegas

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need help from a motorcycle accident attorney. Contact Gabroy | Messer to discuss your case with an experienced motorcycle attorney in Las Vegas. You will be able to learn about your rights and options for initiating a personal injury case from your motorcycle accident attorney. Contact us online or call today at 702-259-7777 to get your claim started.


Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

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