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Do You Have A Valid Wrongful Termination Case? Check out our Wrongful Termination Checklist. It includes 8 Examples of Wrongful Termination.

Were you recently fired from your job? Are you concerned that it was illegal? This checklist will help determine whether you have a valid case and what you should do next. Your employer must be held responsible if they fired you for violating any state, federal, or local laws, public policy, or the terms of your employment contract.


  1. A work environment made hostile due to sexual harassment tolerance
  2. Discrimination against race
  3. Retaliation due to workers’ compensation claims
  4. Discrimination against age
  5. Violations of FMLA
  6. Unpaid overtime or wage & hour disputes
  7. Retaliation against whistleblowers
  8. Discrimination regarding pregnancy, disability or religious beliefs

A Work Environment Made Hostile Due To Sexual Harassment Tolerance

Sexual harassment is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. You should immediately consult an attorney if you believe you were sexually harassed at your job and it may be the reason you were fired.

Title VII of 1964’s Civil Rights Act covers sexual harassment. It is not only illegal but also wrong. You may be eligible to receive:

  • Your back pay starting from the date you were terminated to the date the claim was settled or a verdict reached
  • Reinstatement to work (including all benefits and pay), and
  • Possibly additional compensatory damages.

Discrimination Against Race

Every employee should be treated with equal respect and be able to perform their jobs without discrimination or harassment. Are you a victim of bias from a boss or immediate supervisor? You may have the right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to assert your rights.

An employee rights lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation, take in the facts and assist with filing the charge with EEOC. This is only one step in a complicated litigation process. It is important to get legal representation as soon as possible. Then, work with an attorney who has experience with discrimination cases.

Retaliation Due To Workers’ Compensation Claims

Retaliation against an employee who has filed a workers’ comp claim or because the employee may have a valid claim is another common form of wrongful termination. You may be able to file a claim against your employer if you were hurt on the job or fired for attempting to claim benefits.

Discrimination Against Age

Did you ever see younger workers treated differently in disciplinary actions? Did they get a light reprimand or not reprimanded at all while you were fired for doing the same thing? If this has happened to you, age discrimination could be the reason.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects those 40 and over from discrimination based on their age. This covers all aspects of the job process, including interviews, payroll, benefits and promotions, as well as firing. The older workers have legal rights and can hold their employers responsible for discriminatory acts.

Violations of FMLA

If you meet the eligibility criteria and work for a covered employer, protected leave from work is provided by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. As important as your right to return to work (and to be free from any retaliation for taking time off) is the right to use the leave you are entitled to. You must meet certain qualifications in order to request and return from leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. However, as long as your employer policies are followed and you were approved to take leave, you have substantial protections and the right to return to your job.

This kind of wrongful termination happens all the time. Consult an attorney immediately if you were fired because you had a child or cared for a loved one. This type of claim is subject to the statute of limitations, along with other types of wrongful termination claims.

Unpaid Overtime Or Wage & Hour Disputes

Did you get fired for trying to collect unpaid wages, commissions or overtime? Wage and Hour disputes can be complicated, but you know you have legal rights as an employee. You should be able to receive what you are entitled to without retaliation.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers all wage and hour disputes issues, including those mentioned in the previous paragraph. To prove a claim, you should keep any documentation you have, including pay stubs and schedules. The more information you can provide, the better.

Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

Did you have safety concerns at work and report OSHA violations and were fired by your boss? This is a prime example of wrongful termination in whistleblower retaliation. Did you receive a warning from a supervisor or manager that you should not participate in an investigation into possible illegal behavior? You know you have legal rights.

Nevada OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program makes it illegal for employers to fire employees who report, object to, or uncover violations of federal and state laws, rules, or regulations. You have the right to seek damages if you are the victim of adverse action due to reporting illegal activity or refusing participation in discriminatory behavior.

Discrimination Regarding Pregnancy, Disability, Or Religious Beliefs

There are many types of discrimination in the workplace. Employee rights lawyers can help you if you feel that you were subject to wrongful termination because of your pregnancy, religion, or disability.

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