Are you a victim of a Henderson car accident that resulted in an injury?

If “yes”, you could be eligible for compensation. Gabroy | Messer, one of Nevada’s premier injury law firms, can help you learn more about your case. A Henderson car accident lawyer can answer all your questions regarding your claim for damages in a free consultation. To speak with an expert attorney and get an estimate of the value of your case, call our office at 702 259 7777.

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. They are the third leading cause of death in America. We can help you obtain the compensation you need to cover your medical bills, lost income, and any other issues that could arise from an injury. These costs can be recovered by our car injury lawyers.

Our firm is led by award-winning attorneys whose main goal is to make sure every client receives the compensation they deserve. We will fight for you and defend your rights in court, no matter how small or large the case. You have the potential to receive a 300% higher settlement with our help if you call us. Don’t risk your future by handling this case alone. Call us today!

Consider Twice Before You Talk or Sign

Even though they aren’t under arrest, any statements made by victims could be used against them. Therefore, they should not speak and instead focus on listening, taking down notes, and gathering evidence. They should not sign any papers without consulting an accident lawyer. It could cause that the insurance company may be able to claim that the victim has waived their right of compensation.

Get a consultation with a Henderson car accident lawyer now!

We can assist you if you were in a car accident in Henderson NV. We can help you navigate the accident scene and file your claim for compensation. We are available to answer all your questions and protect your rights. We will not stop until you receive the compensation that you are due. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our services.

Call us now at 702 259 7777 to get the settlement you deserve.

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