When you need a Car Accident Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

Pursuing financial recovery following an accident in Nevada can be difficult. Not only does the state use a “fault” accident system, but they also implement modified comparative negligence at the 50% bar rate. This legal stipulation can encourage many insurance providers to deny a claim and force the claim to court in hopes of a 50-50 determination from a jury. This clearly advantages the insurance company, and always means all parties involved will need aggressive legal representation from a car accident injury lawyer like the legal pros at Gabroy | Messer.

What a Car Accident Injury Lawyer Can Do

When insurance companies are being difficult over injury claims, a car accident injury lawyer can conduct a complete investigation into the accident, including evaluation of the official accident report as well as questioning officers who worked the accident scene. The official accident report could be lacking specific evidence that was not obtained at the time, which could be facts that can impact the final determination of fault for the collision. And, if a case goes to court, your attorney can cross-examine any witnesses with respect to what they think they observed, including opposing drivers. Accidents are not commonly 50-50 fault situations, and material details can sway a jury decision as well as provide an incentive for the insurance company to make an offer to avoid court.

Multiple Negligent Parties

Many times there are several drivers responsible for an accident, and serious crashes like truck accidents or collisions with other commercial vehicles could result in the employer being partly responsible for the crash. Claims against multiple parties are not unusual, and your car accident injury lawyer can investigate the accident for all potential avenues of financial compensation. This can even include auto parts manufacturers in some instances. The possibility of multiple negligent actors is a primary reason an injured victim should never attempt handling their own accident claim in Nevada.

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Nevada auto accident laws are strict, and the insurance companies are almost always at an advantage. Injured accident victims should always consult with a legal professional like the attorneys at Gabroy | Messer when seeking full accident injury compensation. Contact us online or by calling 702-259-7777 to schedule an initial consultation.

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