Have you recently been subjected to severe discrimination or harassment at your workplace? If you believe that your employer has deliberately set out to create and maintain a hostile work environment, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. And if you believe that you have been the primary target of this hostility, it’s an excellent idea to consult an employment lawyer in Henderson.

How Do You Know if You Are in a Hostile Work Environment?

The creation of a deliberately hostile work environment may take many forms. You may find yourself becoming the victim of racial or sexual discrimination. This discrimination may also be based on your age, sexual preference, religion, or any other reason that “sets you apart” from your supervisor, fellow employees, or workplace owner.

You may find yourself being sexually harassed by your supervisor or employer. You may also find yourself being subjected to rude or inappropriate comments. You may even be subjected to public verbal or even physical attacks.

Your supervisor or employer may recommend harsh discipline for seemingly minor infractions, even if others were guilty of the same thing and received little or no discipline. You may be subjected to reduced hours or docked pay. You may be refused a pay raise or promotion that you feel you have earned. You may ultimately be fired from your job for no clearly justifiable reason.

You May Be Able to Sue Over Your Hostile Work Environment

If you believe that your case includes all or some of the above features, you may be able to sue your employer for creating a deliberately hostile work environment. The time for you to do so is as soon as possible since your allegations may be subject to a very strict statute of limitations.

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