Wrongful Death Overview

COMPASSIONATE Las Vegas WRONGFUL DEATH ATTORNEYS at GABROY LAW OFFICES Uphold the Rights of the Bereaved. In the event that an injured victim does not survive an accident caused by the negligence of a person or entity. If you are a surviving family member of a wrongful death victim, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your loss.

These tragic life changing events usually require the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer so that you, as a family member of the deceased, are ”made whole.” Gabroy Law Offices works hard to help you obtain compensation to cover medical bills, funeral arrangements, lost income, and other costs associated with the death of your loved one.

Making a Wrongful Death Claim

If an accident victim would have been justified in bringing a personal injury claim had they survived, then a wrongful death claim is usually appropriate. Family members who can make a wrongful death claim include spouses of the deceased, parents who lost children, and children who lost parents. In some cases, siblings or other close relatives can file the claim.

Family members must show several different elements of their wrongful death case. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys at the Gabroy Law offices will be able to determine if you the family have enough of the required elements to file a wrongful death claim.

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