Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Motor vehicles, while among the most widespread and economically beneficial ways of travel, can cause
serious harm if not operated properly. A split-second auto accident can change your life and your family
members life forever.It cann be the cause of permanent injury, personality change, or wrongful death. With
a bigger vehicle, such as a semi truck, an accident poses an even higher risk. Christian Gabroy is an
experienced auto accident attorney based in Las Vegas and serving all of Southern Nevada. As both an auto
and semi truck accident Lawyer, Christian Gabroy can help victims of all types of motor vehicle collisions
obtain the compensation they deserve.

  • Auto Accidents
  • Semi Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Accidents
  • Defective Seatbelts
  • Defective Child Restraints
  • Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, careless drivers are everywhere. Whether they’re talking on cell phones,Texting, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or drifting to sleep behind the wheel, with one mistake they can cause an auto accident and change your life forever. The injuries caused can range from broken bones to serious brain and spinal cord injury; as a result, accident victims often face medical bills and excruciating pain. Auto accident attorney Christian Gabroy of Las Vegas can use his extensive expertise to help obtain compensation for these injuries.

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